The Little Science Society

Children are naturally inquisitive which makes them budding scientists. It’s never too early to start educating children about Sciences around them.

At The Little Science Society, we nurture this curiosity and re-enforce Science subjects in an exciting, practical and fun way so that children can connect with science from a very early age.

We communicate to the children how important a role the Sciences play in our life quality and what it means for us all.

Our diverse syllabus includes age-adjusted topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physical Life Science. Our practical hands-on activities include take-home experiments and parental support. We combine education with a fun and practical approach in order to foster your child’s innate curiosity.


Interactive, streaming classes for children and parents who want a science adventure at home, starts November 15th!

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The Little Science Society Classes

Our class will take you and your little one on a different adventure every week.

We promote investigative development of key scientific ideas and introduce elements of all science fields to children from 4-14 years old.
We set the scene and make the magic of learning happen!

After School Clubs

Delivered in infant and primary schools in Whitstable and surrounding areas.

Designed to improve your child’s scientific comprehension as well as to encourage curiosity and interest in sciences.


Interactive on-line classes for children from 4 to 8 years old. These at-home science experiments explore scientific concepts and enable children to see how science applies to their daily lives.

Home learning

Support your child’s Science education and improve their academic confidence.

Keep your child’s studies on track from home with our Interactive Online Science Courses for KS1/2 learners delivered in small groups; or one-to-one individually tailored Science Tuition with qualified and experienced tutor, for learners from Early Years to GCSE and beyond.

School Visits

Our Science Sessions are designed to entertain a whole school hall of pupils with spectacular science demonstrations and discussions to inspire their curiosity and imagination. School visits also include interactive assemblies and STEM workshops.

‘I never teach my pupils; I only provide the conditions in which they can learn’ Albert Einstein